GOP leaders say they don’t plan to cut funding for Planned Parenthood

The Republican Party’s leaders have said they do not intend to cut funds for Planned and other abortion providers in their state budgets.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of money in the state budget to continue their campaign to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Texas Tribune reported on Thursday that Gov.

Greg Abbott’s office has received $20 million in the last two years to help fund the abortion provider.

“The Texas Legislature’s actions on the funding level will continue,” said a statement by the state Republican Party, which also includes Texas A&M University and the University of Texas System.

“We are not planning to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, and Planned Parenthood is continuing to provide essential services to Texans.”

In the latest fiscal year, Planned Parenthood received $2.7 million in federal funding.

Abbott and other GOP leaders have vowed to continue defunding Planned Parenthood if they win the November election.

The abortion provider is one of the nation’s largest providers of abortion care, providing more than 3,000 abortions annually in Texas.

The Republican party’s statement said they are committed to supporting Texas women’s access to safe, legal abortion.

The statement said the state has been working on the issues of abortion and contraception for years, and that the Republican Party is focused on working with the state to pass legislation to make it easier for women to access safe, affordable abortion care.

“While we can no longer fund Planned Parenthood for our states, we continue to support efforts to pass the most comprehensive reproductive health care law in the country,” the statement said.