How to make your social media posts look better and help the cause of social media marketing

More than a decade ago, it seemed like there was nothing a company could do to make a post look as if it was written by an actual person.

But as the company and its marketers have evolved over time, they’ve started to find a way to make those posts look more like they’re written by a robot.

Here’s how to make sure that a social media post looks like it was actually written by someone, according to marketing guru and Facebook marketing expert Mike Selski.

In an effort to help marketers make more of their social posts look like they came from the brains of real people, Facebook is rolling out a new tool that will let them search for people’s mentions on their pages and get them trending on their news feeds.

It’s called “Trending People.”

And it’s really cool, says Selsky.

People will find your posts that are trending on Facebook by simply searching for their name.

And if you include a link, people will see it, too.

The tool will be available to users in the U.S. and in more than 70 countries.

Forget about trying to pull an Instagram rabbit out of a hat, Selsks.

It just doesn’t work.

So, for example, a story about a friend who died from cancer might look something like this:Someone said: I hope you know that your friend passed away.

You’re loved and you’re a wonderful person.

And you’re going to see that trending on your news feed right away.

It means that you are doing something.

But, as the story goes on to explain, “There are also stories that are just not trending.”

The company also offers a similar feature called “Frequent News Feeds.”

When people add “frequently” to their name, they’ll see the posts that they are most likely to follow on Facebook.

And these stories will also be featured on the top of their news feed.

The company will continue to add more of these “frequent news feed” features in the future, says Matt Gelser, vice president of Facebook News.

For example, the company will be adding “Frequently Featured Stories” to the news feed, and it will also add “Recent News” in the News Feed, the blog of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.