Why Starbucks has a ‘Starbucks for every life goal’

Starbucks marketing efforts and careful marketing efforts have paid off in terms of brand awareness and customer retention, according to research from the company’s marketing department.

The study by the company and the consulting firm The Marketing Company found that Starbucks’ brand has remained relevant over the past six years, with more than 5 million people buying its beverages over the course of that period.

In terms of the company, that number has increased by 50% over the same period, with consumers buying about 6.5 million servings of the brand per year.

That has paid off with Starbucks customers spending an average of $24.50 on beverages per month, up from $22.85 per month in 2017.

And, according the research, the brand’s brand recognition increased by 42% in the same time frame, from 1.4 million people saying they recognized Starbucks to 1.6 million.

The research also found that the average customer is more likely to buy from Starbucks in the future, with about 65% of people saying that they would purchase the coffee at least once in the next three months.

In fact, Starbucks said it has more than 6.4 billion people in the U.S. who regularly drink its beverages.

This is in line with the company being ranked the third most valuable coffee brand in the world, with sales in the $5 billion range, according.

Starbucks, which has been trying to increase awareness of its products by focusing on the products and people they serve, is now using social media to reach out to consumers, with the hashtag #StarbucksForEveryLifeGoal and Instagram to encourage people to become lifelong consumers.

The company said that while the brand was not perfect, the focus on quality and offering great value made it an even better fit for millennials.

It is also working on new ways to encourage millennials to stay with Starbucks for a lifetime, with an emphasis on loyalty programs and loyalty cards.

“Starbucks is at the forefront of the changing ways in which we interact with our customers,” the company said in a statement.

“We’re committed to serving our customers with the products they love, and we are constantly looking for new ways we can help them stay connected to their family and communities.”