What You Need to Know About the GOP’s Latest Big Money Machine

The Republican Party is in the midst of a new marketing campaign to make its brand more visible.

It’s part of the party’s “big spend” strategy that includes hiring top consultants and spending millions of dollars on advertising.

The effort has been billed as a “brand transformation” and, if successful, it could open up Republican candidates to new voters.

But as we’ve reported, the GOP has been using big-money-driven advertising to bolster the party over the past few years.

This latest effort will likely continue as long as the Republican Party continues to run ads that reinforce the party line, like a campaign featuring Mitt Romney’s “47%” line.

The new ad comes from the RNC’s largest advertising firm, Crossroads GPS.

According to the ad, which will run on TV and digital in the coming weeks, the RNC is investing millions of its own money in advertising.

According in the ad’s description, “Crossroads GPS is spending millions on ads and other digital efforts to boost the Republican brand through a brand transformation and to get out to voters and make an impact.”

The ad is being paid for by Crossroads and Crossroads PAC, which has also been used by other GOP presidential candidates, including Rick Santorum.

The ad features former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, who was a longtime adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on a panel, telling a story about how he worked to make Mitt Romney President.

He said, “The RNC is the one that brought me into this party.

It was the one who made me the nominee.”

Crossroads is a super PAC that was set up by Republican mega-donor Karl Rove, who has donated millions of taxpayer dollars to the RNC.

Rove’s group, Cross America, is currently spending $1.3 million to run a digital ad campaign in the race.

The Cross America ad is an attack on Romney.

It shows a montage of Romney talking about the economy and the economy’s problems, and it also shows Romney with a smile.

The clip begins with an image of Romney smiling and saying, “I’ve been very good about this whole thing.”

Cross America’s ads are targeted at younger voters and African-Americans, and they run in predominantly black cities.

Cross America PAC spent $1 million on the ad in Atlanta, Florida, and Austin, Texas.

Crossroads’ ad also has a clip of former President Barack Obama, and then clips of Mitt Romney talking.

CrossAmerica PAC’s ads run in black cities and are running in Georgia and Missouri.

In one clip, a young African-American woman is shown talking to a woman who has her hands over her ears and is asking Romney, “How many black women do you have in your cabinet?”

The woman asks Romney, who says he has “a lot of black women in my cabinet.”

A clip shows Romney, speaking about the importance of African- Americans, saying, “[We have] a lot of people who are African- American who are working in the private sector, but not a lot [working in government].”

Crossroads did not respond to a request for comment about the Cross America ads.

Cross Americans ads run throughout the states, and the ads are seen across the country.

In Kansas, Cross Americans ran a clip showing Romney in a restaurant, and Romney is shown eating and drinking at a bar.

Cross American also ran a commercial in Colorado showing Romney with the slogan, “My father is a farmer, and I’m a doctor, and my mom’s a nurse.”

Cross Americans also ran ads in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Crossamerts ads run also in Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa.

The ads run across the Midwest.

In Ohio, Cross Americas ads ran in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Toledo, and other communities.

Cross Americas also ran an ad in Wisconsin showing Romney speaking at a fundraiser for a company that was recently bought by the Republican National committee.

CrossAmericts ads ran during Romney’s visit to Ohio.

In the ad shown above, Romney is seen eating at a restaurant.

At the end of the ad Romney talks about how proud he is of his father, saying that his father was an agriculturalist and farmer.

He says, “He was a great president for America.”

The ads have also been seen in North Carolina.

CrossAmerican has also run ads in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Montana.

CrossAmericans ads run during the Republican convention.

The RNC’s ads have been seen at conventions throughout the country, including in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida and New York.

Crossers ads also ran during Mitt Romneys visit to Florida.

The GOP ad campaign has also featured advertisements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Cross and Cross America have also run