Twitter has launched a $25 million marketing effort for Instagram

Twitter is expanding its marketing efforts to help Instagram become more like Facebook, a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider.

Twitter’s effort is the largest of its kind to date and comes as Instagram struggles to maintain user engagement.

According to the spokesperson, Twitter will launch an advertising campaign and a video campaign for Instagram’s mobile app that will help advertisers understand how Instagram is different from Facebook, what they can expect from the platform, and what they need to do to engage with their brands.

The goal is to help brands “create a compelling and engaging experience for their customers and customers’ friends, family, and followers,” according to the statement.

“We will also work with brands to share their insights and insights with our platform to help them create more engaging experiences.”

Instagram’s ad platform is already one of the largest in the digital advertising space, according to analytics firm Kantar Media.

The company recently launched a new feature that will allow brands to post ad-free content on their accounts.

Twitter is also testing a new partnership with influencer marketing platform Insta-matic.

The two platforms are both used by brands and influencers to promote their brands on Instagram, and they’re working to add more content sharing features.

Instagram is currently the third most popular photo-sharing platform on Instagram after Facebook and Twitter.