Google’s ‘Pepsi and Coke’ ads on TV and online are getting a boost from Pepsi and Coke

Google and its TV and digital partners have been rolling out new ads featuring the iconic soda brand and Coke for a week now, in a bid to promote the two brands.

The campaigns are a direct response to Google’s new $2 billion investment in Coca-Cola.

Pepsi, meanwhile, has been adding Coke-related ads in its search results.

While the ads are mostly targeted at people who have been following the news about the Coca-Colas new $4.6 billion acquisition of the Boston-based company, there are also ads targeting a wider audience.

Pepsi has been testing ads featuring Coca-colas new ad-serving platform, dubbed Pepsi+Coke, for months.

Google, however, says that Pepsi’s ad campaign will begin airing on Thursday.

In an interview with Fortune, Google VP of product marketing and ad strategy Michael Gough said the ads were a response to the growing interest in Coke, which he said has been growing at more than 1,500% in the past year.

Google has also added ads for Coke products to its own search results, including some that were previously unavailable.

Google+ Google+ is Google’s social network for sharing news, entertainment, and other information with users.

Google announced its partnership with Facebook on Thursday, announcing it would begin offering Google+ content on its search engine starting in March.

Facebook, however a competitor to Google, has already started experimenting with Google+ ads in search results and has made a handful of TV spots using Google+’s content, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The Google+ ad campaign, however has not yet launched.

Facebook is also experimenting with the social network’s ad platform, AdSense.

AdSense, which is a pay-per-click advertising network, has become the largest and most dominant ad network for Google, according the research firm eMarketer.

Google also launched a series of ads aimed at Facebook users, targeting its brand, including its popular “Like” button.

Google’s ad targeting strategy for Facebook users has not been confirmed, but a Google spokesperson told Fortune that it “isn’t actively targeting Facebook users with adverts.”

Google’s ads are being rolled out via YouTube and YouTube+ on the social media platform.

In addition, Google has announced that it will begin displaying YouTube+ content in search for advertisers in March, following similar changes it announced for Google+ in November.

Google and Facebook are both launching ad campaigns on the search engine, but it is unclear whether the ads will be used to promote a Google+ or a Facebook account.

Google spokesperson Jason Lee told Fortune the company is testing ad-sorting, which means it is trying to identify which ads to target for its advertisers.

“We’re rolling out ads targeting specific Google+ and Facebook accounts, and we’re working on new ways to display the ads on YouTube,” Lee said.

“In the near term, we’ll roll out Google+ targeting for search results on YouTube, but we won’t be directly targeting Google+ users.”