‘Cargo Madness’: What the government is doing to drive up the cost of shipping

This week, the Obama administration is trying to push consumers to buy more of the stuff that’s driving up the price of shipping containers.

The administration’s push comes amid growing consumer opposition to what the White House is calling “a shipping freighting system that costs more than it’s worth.”

The Department of Transportation’s Office of Shipping and Infrastructure is asking the Federal Communications Commission to change its rules on how companies can advertise the shipping of their products, including how much shipping it costs.

The change would allow companies to advertise that shipping is free of government regulation, but would require them to make clear that their prices include fees or taxes.

The rules would also force companies to list shipping costs and their costs on their websites and apps.

The Department says it will make a determination on whether to make the changes by April, but there’s been a lot of opposition to the changes and the agency says the effort will not go forward unless the public gives its blessing.

The department’s announcement follows a flurry of news reports about how the shipping industry is charging companies for the privilege of shipping packages.

A number of companies are currently asking the FCC to change the rules.

But the agency said in a statement to The Associated Press on Thursday that it will not “approve changes to the way the industry operates that increase competition in the marketplace.”

“The Office of the Federal Register is reviewing all proposed rules and has no intention of changing them,” the agency’s statement said.

“The Commission will continue to evaluate and act upon the needs of the marketplace and will take any appropriate action that is necessary to preserve the consumer choice and promote the protection of the public interest.”

The shipping industry has been fighting the rules in court for months.

The Federal Trade Commission is also reviewing whether the rules are a violation of federal antitrust law.

But this isn’t the first time the shipping sector has tried to push the rules, and it won’t be the last.

In the mid-2000s, the shipping market in the U.S. exploded, and the federal government decided to make it more difficult for companies to ship to overseas countries.

The shipping boom led to a boom in international shipping companies, which in turn led to an explosion in shipping prices, with many shipping companies charging higher prices to the federal Government.

But these rules have a history of making shipping cheaper.

The Bureau of Ships says that in the years leading up to the shipping boom, it was not uncommon for companies like FedEx to charge $50 for a box of milk to a United States government agency.

And in the decades following the shipping crash of 2008, shipping companies were forced to raise shipping costs by up to 75% to keep their profit margins up.