How to spot the best social media ads in 2017

Facebook has introduced a new tool that lets users see their ads in a broader array of places than just their own Facebook page.

The new ad feature is available for users in Canada, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of changes in social media over the last few years, so our ad teams are constantly looking at new ways to get the most out of their content and how to create better experiences for users,” Facebook senior vice-president of marketing, John Lydon, told CBC News.

“This new tool makes it easier for you to see the ads we’re showing to you directly on Facebook.”

The new ad features include a new “ticker” that displays the ads on the top of the News Feed, along with links to more information on the ads.

Facebook’s AdWords ads team has also been working with Facebook to make the ads more personalized.

In the US, the new feature allows users to easily see ads for their local area.

It’s also now available in Canada and Mexico.

Users can choose which countries and countries of the world they’d like to see ads on.

The Facebook Ads team said the new features were a response to the increasing demand for ads on Facebook and other platforms.

“For us, the key to delivering the best ad experience is having an audience of people that are passionate about our product and want to see it, so we’re continuously working to improve the ways we can make our ads better,” Lydonsaid.

The tool allows users in the US and Canada to see their Facebook ads directly on the Facebook app.

Users can also choose from a selection of ad formats, including video, audio, GIF and interactive.

The new features come in two flavors: ads that appear in Facebook’s News Feed or ads that are shown in a separate tab.

For users in Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom, Facebook says they can now see their own ads for free on their local news page.

In Australia, the tool allows Facebook users to see a single ad for the entire country, while in Germany and Sweden, the option is available to see any ad for a specific city.

The ad formats and ad formats that users can choose for their Facebook News Feed are shown above.

For example, a video ad for “Canada” would appear alongside a news article that has a headline that says “Canada’s First Gay Prime Minister” in the News Hub.

The “ad format” for a Facebook ad can also be shown in the right-hand sidebar of the Facebook News Hub, while the “ad type” is shown on the left-hand side.

The feature has a few limitations, however.

The video ads are not displayed as much as other ads, so the News feed does not display them.

It is also not possible to see video ads when viewing the news feeds of users in different countries.

Users who want to show their Facebook news feeds to their friends on the platform can select the “Show news feed to all” option.

The other limitation is that the News app does not support mobile viewing, so users must also view an app that supports the feature.

Lydonsays that Facebook Ads is just one of many features Facebook is adding to its News Feed.

The social media giant is also rolling out a new feature that allows users who want Facebook ads on their news feeds and other sites to see them on other apps, including Messenger, Tumblr, Instagram and WhatsApp.