News outlets around the world have been reporting on the emergence of an Alabama campaign that aims to boost the popularity of Republican Sen. Roy Moore in the state.

The effort is being run by a group of Republican operatives and donors that have worked closely with President Donald Trump’s campaign and will likely help Alabama Republicans in their efforts to retake the Senate next year.

The Alabama National Republican Senatorial Committee announced Monday that it will spend $10 million on a statewide ad campaign in 2018 and $5 million in 2020 targeting Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in the Senate race.

The ads will be released at the same time as Alabama voters head to the polls in December.

The RNC also plans to spend $5.5 million on TV and radio ads.

The Alabama Republican Party also plans a similar ad buy in 2018.

“This is an aggressive, targeted campaign that will target Doug Jones’ weaknesses,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

“We will not allow Doug Jones to win in 2018, and we will not let Roy Moore win.

We are committed to the hard work of working for Alabama’s next senator and are confident that Doug Jones will be the next senator to represent all of Alabama’s citizens, and our values, in Washington.”

The RNC is also spending $5M on radio ads to encourage the vote.

The campaign will run in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

“The Alabama Republican Senatoral Committee is making a significant investment in the 2018 election cycle, targeting Doug Jones and his allies, and will use this unprecedented spending to target the Democrats who are attacking him and his record,” RNC Chairman Ronna Schutz said in the statement.

The RNC’s Alabama strategy is similar to the one it launched to attack former Alabama Gov.

Robert Bentley.

The GOP group also ran ads in New York targeting the governor and his wife, the first-ever attack ads from the RNC targeting an elected official in a presidential election.

The campaign was launched by the Alabama Senate Majority PAC, which is run by former Alabama state Sen. Luther Strange.

The group was launched in June with a total of $4.3 million in contributions.

Strange has not announced whether he will run for the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Luther Strange in 2018 after Roy Moore was removed from the bench over allegations of sexual misconduct.

The PAC has also spent more than $8.5m on the Moore race.

The ad buy is the latest attempt by the GOP to boost Moore ahead of the special election.

Earlier this month, the Senate Ethics Committee voted to investigate whether Moore had accepted improper gifts from two women who said he pursued them when they were teenagers.

The GOP has also launched a Senate Leadership Fund, which has spent more $2.6 million on the race, which it hopes will help Moore regain his Senate seat.

Moore has been under pressure to concede the race because of the allegations.

He has not yet decided whether to do so, but he did issue a statement on Sunday saying he would not concede.