What does it mean when NBA player’s name is on a brand’s logo?

The NBA has spent a lot of time lately talking about the importance of brand loyalty, with the league’s brand ambassadors on hand to show off new jerseys and merchandise to the public.

In fact, the league is trying to get players to buy into a new uniform.

While some might think this is all a publicity stunt to get fans to flock to arenas to watch the NBA, that’s not entirely true.

There’s some serious business at stake.

According to research by Brand Analytics, if the NBA has a brand that’s loyal to it, it can earn up to $20 million per season.

That means that if every NBA player wore a brand-new uniform, the average NBA player would be making $18,000 per year.

It would also be generating about $30 million per year in revenue for the league.

Brand advocates say that the more players who wear the brand, the more money they make.

“The more you wear a brand, you have a greater chance of earning more money,” said Kevin Schadt, a senior marketing manager at Brand Analytics.

The NBA’s brand ambassador program is actually one of the biggest marketing efforts in the league right now.

According to Schadts research, the NBA’s marketing department has spent more than $2 billion on its brand ambassadors since 2010.

They’ve been working to make sure players are familiar with their brand and their current contracts.

The league has also been looking to build partnerships with more and more companies.

Last season, it spent $1.6 million on partnerships with the Coca-Cola Company, Nike, J.

Crew, Dillard’s, JCPenney, and more.

That’s about a third of the total amount spent on brands in the NBA this year.

The NBA also announced a partnership with PepsiCo in the spring to create the NBA Foundation for Entrepreneurship, which is a $10 million grant program to create and sustain entrepreneurial programs.