Google’s ‘curious marketing effort’ pays off: Study

The research firm that led Google’s $2.7 billion “curious” marketing effort to promote its Gmail service is spending the money it receives on research and marketing efforts for its Gmail subsidiary.

The company is using its $1.8 billion investment in its Gmail business to fund the research and development efforts of a marketing company called Curious.

Curious is part of Google’s Google+ team, which helps marketers develop social and behavioral strategies for Google+.

Google+ launched last year with an effort to create a unified experience for users on Google+.

The feature allows users to tag friends, family and colleagues and see more information about them.

Google+ was not without its problems, however, including problems with privacy and its ability to identify users from their photos.

The company has since improved its privacy settings and introduced a way for users to block and track their friends’ activity, but Google+ has struggled with the adoption of the feature.

Google is spending $1 billion in research and spending the proceeds on marketing efforts, including a new marketing team, a Google+ social media director and a Google+, marketing manager, according to a report published by The Next Google.

The investment in Curious is a $250 million investment in the Gmail subsidiary, according the report.

The acquisition comes after Google made a similar move earlier this year when it bought a software company called BizSpark, which had been developing a social networking product.

Google+ was reportedly not involved in that acquisition, and Google+ had no immediate comment.

Google bought Bizspark in a deal valued at $2 billion.