What’s going on with the Kerala marketing efforts?

An infographic detailing the state’s marketing efforts has gone viral on social media.

The graphic depicts a series of charts from the state government’s own website and shows a range of different marketing campaigns for various industries.

The infographic comes as the state is trying to attract business as part of its Digital Agenda 2017 (DAG).

It has already launched a new marketing campaign called Kerala-based digital marketing initiative.

According to a spokesperson for the state, Kerala’s strategy is to launch various initiatives for the digital sector in the coming days.

The campaign aims to help businesses to take a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategy.

The Kerala-led initiative is based on the idea that the state should be the place where the most important decisions are made, according to the state.

The state has also launched the Digital Transformation Strategy 2017 (DTSP 2017), a plan to promote the state as a global digital hub.