Trump and Bannon to talk over policy agenda, White House press briefing schedule

President Donald Trump is expected to address the White House Press Briefing on Monday morning and is expected talk about a host of topics including economic development, health care, infrastructure, immigration, infrastructure spending, and infrastructure.

Trump has been working on his agenda since early March.

Trump, who was inaugurated January 20, has been a proponent of infrastructure spending.

He has repeatedly said he is interested in investing in infrastructure projects that help improve economic growth, as well as infrastructure spending that improves the quality of life for Americans.

During his campaign, Trump pledged to spend $1 trillion over the next five years on infrastructure.

On January 31, he signed a bill providing $1.9 trillion in funding for federal agencies to “improve infrastructure, improve the nation’s roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, waterways, and other infrastructure.”

The bill includes $400 billion for public transit and $350 billion for road projects, while the remaining $300 billion is allocated for other priorities.

On April 7, Trump signed a second bill to fund the Department of Transportation, a project that was approved by the Senate in late March and the House in early April.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to be the keynote speakers at the event.