Twitter to expand ‘social network for the world’s most powerful people’

Twitter will open up its “social network” to a “global, global audience” and “add more content” to its network, the company announced Monday.

Twitter has long focused its platform on the global audience for its native apps, but CEO Jack Dorsey announced Monday that the company plans to make the social network a platform for the global elite.

Twitter will “offer its users the ability to discover content on Twitter in a world they can access from anywhere,” Dorsey said in a blog post.

“We are creating an entirely new social network for those who can’t or won’t participate in traditional media.”

The company also said it will provide “a new way to reach the people you want to reach on Twitter” by allowing users to “create and manage their own accounts.”

Twitter is not currently offering any new ways to create or manage your own accounts, but Dorsey says the company is “exploring ways to expand the reach of your own content on the platform.”

Twitter said it has more than 25 million active users worldwide.