When Google bought KKR: Google Now Gets A New Logo

It’s been a year since Google bought the startup KKR, and the company is still making money from it.

But that’s not the only reason the search giant is doing so.

Google Now has recently been receiving new branding and marketing efforts from a number of different sources.

Google has been using some of its existing branding and product design assets to push a new branding effort.

The company is now putting a new logo on the top of its search results, and a new product has been added to the Google Store.

There’s also been a new email marketing effort going on, and Google is reportedly working on a new mobile app.

These efforts are all part of Google Now’s marketing efforts to get the search engine giant’s search engine results more relevant to the way that people interact with the search results.

A Google spokesperson told Polygon that the company did not comment on internal marketing plans.

It’s unclear what Google has in mind for the new branding.

“We’ve been thinking about new marketing, and there are a few new initiatives we’re currently working on,” the spokesperson told us.

One of the initiatives Google is currently working to get more relevant results is a new Google Now branding effort, which will include a new homepage and branding for its search engine.

Google’s search results are now dominated by search results from other companies, such as Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines.

These search results aren’t really search results at all.

Google also has a number different Google Now brands in place, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, and Play Movies.

It seems as though Google is trying to make its search result results more appropriate to the experiences people are using to search for things.

It might also be looking to use Google Now to help with advertising, as it has previously tried to get its search advertising to work with Google Now.

Google hasn’t said exactly what it will be doing to push more relevant search results on its search.

But it has said that it will work to improve its search algorithm, so that it’s more accurate and that it can better find results from relevant sources.

It hasn’t yet provided an explanation as to why it would want to change the way it presents its search search results in a way that more accurately matches the way people are searching for information, rather than simply putting it on the bottom of the search result pages.

Google, however, is apparently looking to get search results more accurate as a way of increasing the search experience for its users.

Google may also be interested in a new feature called “Google Alerts.”

The company said it will offer a new “GoogleAlert” feature, which allows users to have a reminder of upcoming events or promotions, or to have Google alert them when they receive a promotion or notification that they need to take action.

Google Alerts will also let people see when a promotion is coming up and when it’s going to expire, which could be helpful for people who are searching to see if a promotion they’ve recently subscribed to is still valid.

Google is also looking to introduce a new kind of notification, called “Mentioned Events.”

The feature is similar to the notification that Google has given users for “Today” and “Daily,” but it will show up on the Google search results and on the Today tab of the Google Search results.

The feature will also show up when you search for an item that’s currently featured in a featured article, which would help people to know when to get on the search page and when they should avoid looking.

Google told Polygon that it is looking to bring these new notifications to all Google Search search results once the new Google Alert feature is available.

It is unclear if Google will be able to bring the new notification features to all search results by default, or whether users will have to manually enable them.

Google did not respond to a request for comment on whether it will eventually make it possible for people to automatically enable these new features for searches.

There are also other new ways that Google is using its search engines to help users with search queries.

Google recently added a feature to its search to help people find nearby restaurants and other food sources.

If you are looking for a restaurant near you, you can tap on a restaurant in Google Maps and then select the “View Nearby Restaurants” option.

You will see a list of nearby restaurants in your area, and if you want to go there, you will need to type in the restaurant’s address.

If the restaurant is in a nearby area, you should also be able get a map that shows the restaurants location.

Google Search is also getting in on the restaurant game.

The search company is using a new method of helping users find nearby nearby restaurants to help them find nearby places to eat.

For example, if you’re looking for places to have dinner at, you may see an option to search Google for “best places to go to dinner.”

The search engine will also suggest