Twitter users share links from unified marketing efforts

A new unified marketing campaign by Twitter is driving users to share links to a brand’s website, according to an analysis by Next BigFuture.

The social media company has been using a tool called Twitter Linkedin to connect users to links to brands on its platform, which it calls “Linkedin Plus.”

The company says that Linkedin Plus, a partnership with social marketing platform Linkedin, will help users see links to branded sites by leveraging the Linkedin brand’s “Brand-Wide Linking Platform” platform.

While the program allows users to create a profile, Linkedin says that the process of linking to a link is not limited to the profiles of the users.

Instead, the link will appear in a user’s feed when a brand links to their site.

The company also says that it is enabling users to link directly to the brand’s brand page by “adding a link to their account.”

For brands, the program will help them reach new customers, boost engagement, and increase brand awareness, the company said.

The new link-sharing initiative is a way for Twitter to attract new users to its platform and drive brand awareness.

Twitter said that more than 200 million people are using the program and that it has reached more than 150 million people.

The brand-wide Linking platform was developed by the company’s marketing and product development teams.

Twitter Linkedin, which allows users, in partnership with a brand, to link to other brands’ content, is designed to be a one-stop shop for brands to promote their brands, and users can add links to other companies’ content.

The Twitter Linked in Marketing effort is part of a larger effort by the social media giant to make it easier for brands and content creators to reach new users.

Twitter Linking in Marketing is also part of the Twitter-owned company’s effort to make Linkedin a one stop shop for its users to connect to brands, said Twitter spokesperson Kate Schoettle in an email to Next Big.