Which companies are doing the most to build a digital army?

When it comes to recruitment, companies are going to do whatever it takes to reach their audience and get more out of their digital marketing efforts.

However, a recent report from recruitment firm McKinsey & Co. found that the majority of firms in the recruitment space are not taking advantage of the many opportunities available today, and are instead wasting time in traditional methods.

For example, McKinsey found that only 2% of respondents said they used direct email marketing (DMO) or automated phone calls to reach out to potential employees, while 43% said they didn’t use DMO at all, and only 16% said that they had a plan to do so in the future.

Meanwhile, only 10% of the surveyed companies said they had hired more than 1,000 direct marketing and digital employees in the past year.

“Companies are doing things like hiring more people via social media and creating more of an online presence.

And when you’re looking at what we’re talking about, we’re looking just at how well people are doing,” said McKinsey VP of recruitment Andrew Schulman.

“It’s really hard to make a big impact on the job market without having a good product and good people in place, and that’s what McKinsey has found.”

The study, conducted by McKinsey and Deloitte in partnership with CIO.com, found that many companies are spending time and resources to get more active in recruiting.

“We were surprised by the number of people that were going to waste their time with traditional recruiting methods and spending time doing the traditional process, instead of engaging with new methods that are more relevant to the needs of the market,” said Schulmann.

While there are several ways to make the recruitment process easier, the McKinsey survey found that a few key elements to improving the process are: Create a clear process that makes it clear how much time you will spend on each person you are reaching out to and who they are interested in.