The Government is planning to spend $2.5 million on the campaign to win back the trust of the public

Government departments and agencies are scrambling to get the word out about the upcoming public inquiry into the role of the former prime minister, Tony Abbott, in the botched rollout of the carbon price, amid calls from some to launch an inquiry to probe his conduct.

The government has already spent $1.8 million in recent weeks on the advertising campaign, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Mr Abbott is to appear before the inquiry in July, but his lawyers have yet to respond to a series of requests for comment.

The campaign will target a range of stakeholders in the public and private sectors including the Commonwealth, business, local government, health, charities, media and other advocacy groups.

Mr Morrison said on Monday he would not be commenting on the inquiry, but said the government would continue to engage with those groups.

“I think it’s important to be mindful that we’re not going to be able to answer every question or every concern raised,” he told reporters.

“But what we’re doing is trying to engage the public to give a voice to what they want to hear and I think that’s the right thing to do.”