Canada’s unemployment rate drops to 5.1%

Canada’s labour market remains largely unchanged from last month, as the country’s unemployment fell to 5% last week.

Statistics Canada said Monday that the jobless rate fell to 4.1%, the lowest level since October.

The agency said it also revised down its August estimate to 1.9%.

The rate was the lowest since October of 2014.

It was down from the previous month’s 5.3%.

“Despite a slight increase in the number of jobless claims, the job market is still showing strong activity,” said David Porter, director of the National Household Survey.

“More than one-quarter of job seekers were unemployed last week, and this figure was the second highest in five months.”

The unemployment rate for young people was also at 4.9%, down from 5.5% the previous week.

While it was down, the unemployment rate of young adults was at 5.7%.