Canada’s unemployment rate remains above 10 per cent for second time in two years – Canadian Business website

Statistics Canada has reported the unemployment rate in Canada stood at 10.7 per cent, down from 10.9 per cent in January and 10.8 per cent a year earlier.

The jobless rate is a number that reflects people who are actively seeking work but do not have jobs.

However, some economists have argued that the unemployment number is misleading because it does not reflect the number of people actively looking for work.

The Canadian economy has seen a lot of slow growth in recent years, with job growth averaging just 2.1 per cent per year over the past five years.

The unemployment rate was also lower than the national average for March of 2016, which was 11.9 percent.

It was lower than 10 per year for December of 2015, which fell to 8.9.

The lowest unemployment rate since Statistics Canada began collecting unemployment data in 1969 has been in September of 1996, when it was 10.3 per cent.