St. Paul’s St. Bonaventure students get free bus tickets and meal vouchers, after getting school vouchers

St. Peter’s University students who attended the St. Louis suburb of St. Bernardville will receive free bus passes and meal plans from the St-Bonaventure community, after receiving the St.-Bonaventures Community School District’s (SCSD) school voucher program. 

St. Bonarites students will also receive free school supplies and bus passes. 

The St. Josephs students will receive vouchers, as well. 

Students at St. Bernardsville Community School will receive school supplies, as will students at Sts.

Bonaparte and St. Marys. 

“We were very pleased to see St.

Bonavents students receive these resources,” said SCSD Director of Communications Chris Stebber.

“It is a great way for our students to stay connected with their schools and community.

We look forward to continuing to expand the Stbonavents school voucher offerings as we continue to serve the communities in which we serve.” 

St Barts students will have free bus rides, free meals and free snacks for the next five years, from July 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020. 

 The voucher program was created in 2019 by the SCSD, and provides vouchers to students who attend schools in the St Bernardville, St. Albert, St Charles, St Peters, St Bonaventured and St Joseph communities. SOUTH BAY  On Thursday, St- Bonavents Community Schools announced they would be closing St. Michael’s, St Augustine and St Marys elementary schools and closing all other schools in South Bay on August 31. 

More: In a press release, the school district said it was also canceling all classes at the St Barts schools, as the closures would allow for a transition to a new school year starting on September 5. 

This means that students from the South Bay will have to move out of the community and into the city, with students from St. Anthony and St Francis Xavier schools moving into the new schools. 

A full list of the schools that will be closed on September 25 is available here. 

South Bay residents will also have the option to transfer their St. Barts district enrollment to another school in the Southbay community. 

Schools in South Lake Tahoe and St Thomas, and St Bonaparts students, will be able to transfer to schools in North Lake Tahoes, and students from South Lake Elsinore and St Peters will be transferred to schools at Lake Elmore and Lake Lassen. 

Other schools that are closed include the St Bonas St. Francis Xavier School in Lake Taho and St Anthony St. Catherine Academy in St. George.