‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Writer on How ‘The Pitch Perfect 3’: An Epic Story Becomes a Sequel

By Jessica D’Angelo and Jada Pinkett-SmithAmber Heard is set to star in the latest installment of the hit comedy franchise, Pitch Perfect, according to reports.

Pitch perfect 3, the fifth installment in the critically-acclaimed hit franchise, will feature Amber Heard and Adam Scott.

The two actors are set to play two young college roommates who are introduced to each other during a movie-themed event, and they decide to move into the same apartment, but are shocked to discover they are different people and that they are the same people.

The news comes as Heard is reportedly working on a script for her own film, which would be her first feature film since 2012’s The Help.

The film was written by Steven Knight and Michael Stuhlbarg, and was directed by Scott.

Amber is known for her portrayal of the titular character in Pitch Perfect and the 2013 hit film The Devil Wears Prada, but it was not long before the actress was rumoured to be on the list for a Pitch Perfect sequel.

She is not the only one who could potentially star in Pitch 3.

Writer-director Michael Stahlbarg is attached to direct Pitch Perfect 4.

He previously worked on The Heat, which was set to come out this year.

Pitch Perfect director Steven Knight recently signed on to helm a Pitch 4.

While the Pitch Perfect franchise is not a household name, the series was once a huge hit in the UK, with millions of copies of the original DVD and Blu-ray releases being sold.

The series has been renewed for a fourth season, which is scheduled to air in 2018.