How to win over the millennials of the future with Xbox, a new video game console

Posted April 14, 2018 12:07:17As the world continues to grapple with the aftermath of the Brexit vote, Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to reach the millennial generation.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company is launching a new digital marketing campaign aimed at millennials.

It will feature videos and a digital advertising campaign on YouTube.

It’s the latest effort by Microsoft to reach a generation that has grown up with the console and is more willing to embrace digital technology.

The company has been a leader in online advertising and digital marketing, with nearly $40 billion in digital advertising revenue.

In April, Microsoft debuted the Xbox, the company’s first console in 10 years, which is powered by a powerful processor and is designed for video game players who want to take full advantage of the console’s gaming capabilities.

The company also has an Xbox app, Xbox Games, which offers a full gamut of Xbox games.

The app is available in iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft says the Xbox app is an extension of the company and is a place where Xbox users can find the latest Xbox games, apps and other content.

Microsoft’s Xbox app will also include content from a diverse array of third-party publishers, including EA, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Ubisoft.

Microsoft also is targeting a generation of gamers that has never owned a console before, as well as a new group of millennials who are not yet comfortable with the digital world.

“The Millennial generation is a new generation, and they’ve never had the console, so they’re not used to the experience of playing a game,” said Jason Dantz, the general manager of marketing for Xbox.

“The app is designed to help them navigate through the console with ease and feel that they can get the most out of it.”

To target the millennial demographic, Microsoft launched the Xbox Digital Media Experiences program.

The program offers a series of videos and interactive features aimed at getting young people to engage with the Xbox and Xbox 360.

It features the company doing a video call with parents, talking with millennials, and holding hands on stage.

It also is aimed at younger gamers, which the company says is a great opportunity to reach them.

The program was developed to bring people together with digital platforms like Xbox Live, YouTube and Skype to connect with other gamers, said Dantz.

The app features live chats with influencers who will share their experience with millennials.

Microsoft will also feature an interactive tutorial, designed to make it easier for players to understand how to use the console.

It also will feature a series called Xbox Experience, which will give gamers an opportunity to meet their friends and play games together.

The Xbox Live team has a team of influencers working to reach out to this new generation of players and is working to create more opportunities to connect.

“We’re excited about how the platform is evolving and how our influencers are changing the game,” Dantz said.

“Gamers who haven’t played a game in a long time and have never used a console are going to feel right at home with the new Xbox experience.”

The Xbox app can be downloaded at

Microsoft says it is also working on other apps to reach millennials.

Microsoft will debut the Xbox Live Arcade in the coming weeks, which allows players to play games and watch video clips on Xbox Live.

The platform will also host a variety of other games, including the popular FIFA video game series and the popular Call of Duty video game.