‘I’m still not ready’: Trump, Trump Jr. say they’re ‘still not ready’ to discuss 2020 election

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., said Sunday that he’s still not “ready” to talk about 2020 elections, but acknowledged that he would discuss it if asked.

“I am still not ‘ready,’ ” Trump Jr.’s tweet said.

“But if I was, I would gladly answer any questions that would come my way.”

The tweet came just hours after Trump Jr and his father, President Donald Trump, said they are “still not ‘Ready.'”

The president and his eldest son have been asked to speak to the media on the matter in the past.

During a July 18 press conference, Trump’s eldest said he would be willing to discuss the 2020 elections with Trump Jr if the president would agree to speak at a White House event, saying: “If you have a question, you ask me.”

Trump Jr also said he has not decided whether he will speak at the event.

“If the president says he’s ready to speak, I will answer the question,” Trump Jr said.