Canada’s Sweetwater brands are being criticized for marketing efforts aimed at promoting their product in the U.S.

NEW YORK, New York — Sweetwater, Canada’s most well-known organic brand, is facing criticism after its marketing efforts in the United States were praised by the American Beverage Association, the National Beverage Council and other groups.

SweetWater Canada CEO, David Zayas, was recently named the top consumer advocate for the beverage industry by the Beverage Marketing Association, a trade group.

It comes after Zayaskis’ advocacy for his company in the American market has sparked complaints that his efforts have been marketed in a way that encourages people to buy from his brand in the country.

The American Beverages Association called on SweetWater Canada to reverse the marketing, calling it “misleading” and “misinformed.”

The National Beverages Council called on the company to stop promoting the products and services of its sister brand, SweetWater, on promotional websites and websites for the United Kingdom.

“While we recognize that the American consumer’s thirst for natural ingredients is at an all-time high, we are troubled that the marketing of these products and products of SweetWater in the UK is not supported by a clear, honest and transparent approach to selling our products and providing clear information about our products,” said the NBC in a statement.

Zayaskas said that his company is committed to continuing to offer a wide range of natural products that can be enjoyed by anyone and that SweetWater’s “great value” has earned it a place in the market.

“Our focus is to make it easy for consumers to choose from a wide variety of natural, organic and sustainable alternatives to the packaged foods and beverages of the day,” he said.

As for the controversy, Zayass said he has not heard of any specific complaints or issues with the brand.

He said SweetWater is doing all it can to keep its focus on its core mission of bringing consumers the best natural products available and the best quality natural products on the market, and that the company’s efforts to be fair and transparent are working.

While he acknowledged that there are some differences in marketing strategy between the U and Canadian markets, he said the brand is being very transparent and trying to make sure it has everything right.

This is a company that has a great commitment to providing good value and has a strong focus on sustainability and being good stewards of our natural resources,” he added.

 SweetWater is part of a growing group of organic, organic-friendly brands in the world.

Canadian producers have also been embracing new techniques in marketing their products in the past year.

In March, for example, the company launched an online store, Sweetwater in Canada, that provides the latest information on its products and how to buy them in the Canadian market.

There have also recently been efforts by the beverage giant to diversify its offerings, with some brands, including Stella Artois, making the transition to a 100 per cent organic approach.

For Zayasks, the focus on sustainable, natural products has helped him attract a loyal following in Canada and in the West.

His company also has a history of working with the Canadian government and other government agencies to address issues like water contamination, climate change and other environmental issues.

But for some of the critics, Sweetwaters efforts in America have drawn criticism from some of its customers, including foodies who say that the brand’s products are tainted with pesticides, which they say can be harmful to animals and the environment.

A spokeswoman for SweetWater said the company does not discuss the impact of any chemicals on animals and that it is working with food industry groups to educate consumers about the potential risks of its products.